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Seraphonium, meaning “songs of heaven” (Empyrean Records), is the innovative, musical brainchild of solitary songwriter Monte Schulz. His songs chase melody across genres, from rock to pop, classical to folk to world music. Each tune’s poetic, storied lyrics focus on Monte’s undeniable passion and talent for writing beautiful melodies and powerful, colorful words.

Performing under the name Seraphonium, and to manifest his lyrical and melodic intuitions, Monte marshaled musical collaborations with seventy-two of the most accomplished and respected session and live musicians from the Los Angeles and Santa Barbara areas. Recorded in Santa Barbara and Ojai studios, “After Many A Summer” is an ambitious, sophisticated, cool and complex body of work.

In the tradition of producer-impresario visionary projects, à la Alan Parsons Project and Steely Dan, Seraphonium couples insightful songwriting with undeniable musical performances captured in a state-of the-art recording.

Of this project, Monte says, “I started my creative life as a songwriter and musician. I later became a literary writer. But over the years, music stayed in me, and once my books were published, I returned to songwriting and began recording with the help of the amazing, creative, and technical people that brought life to this project I call Seraphonium.”“After Many A Summer” is currently available on iTunes including the artistic booklet and lyrics.BUY THE CD